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With integrated health care, Dawn hears again

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Dawn, a patient of LCH, faces with grace the challenges of someone who has been severely hearing impaired for many years of her life.

A few years ago, Dawn received a cochlear implant which allowed her to hear well enough so that she was able to engage more fully with those around her. Sometime last year, her $10,000 sound processor, the piece that picks up sounds, was stolen and her health insurance would not cover the loss. With no insurance and no help even from the hospital that had done the surgery, Dawn felt she was in a hopeless situation. For over 7 months Dawn resorted to reading lips and writing notes to deal with her hearing loss but it was still very difficult and isolating to manage day to day.

Dawn’s Behavioral Health Consultant, Courtney, referred her to LCH Social Assistance, where Daphne got involved in tracking down the manufacturer and advocated for a replacement. Within a few days of having completed this 6 LCH patient, Dawn, with her caseworkers at LCH.week long process, Dawn received her processor and once again was able to interact more fully with her family, her friends and her community. She especially enjoys the sounds of her beloved farm animals and the chatter of the children that come to visit her farm.

Her joy is matched by LCH’s knowing that thanks to our integrated care Dawn is again able to live her life more fully.