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The LCH Dental Center of West Grove, PA

Say "yes!" to a healthier, happier smile.

Location and Hours

LCH is not currently accepting new Dental patients.


  • Monday 10 am - 7 pm

  • Tuesday 8 am - 5 pm

  • Wednesday 8 am - 5 pm

  • Thursday 8 am - 5 pm

  • Friday 8 am - 12 pm

LCH dentists are located in our West Grove location. ¿Habla español? ¡Nuestros dentistas hablan español y inglés.

Driving address: 105 Vineyard Way, Suite 200, West Grove, PA 19390.
LCH Dental NPI#1447709571

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Dental Care

We offer accessible, equitable, and expert care, so that all of our patients can thrive and be happy.

Dental Services

  • Exams

    Exams are checkups. We do initial exams, periodic exams every 6 months and limited/emergency exams as needed. Exams helps your dentist diagnose any problems that need to be addressed, like cavities or gum disease. Exams also helps determine if you need to be referred out for treatment like wisdom teeth extractions or root canal treatments.

  • Cleanings

    Regular dental cleanings are an important part of good oral hygiene. Our dental cleaning service not only helps give patients a fresh, clean smile, but they serve an important part in preventing future cavities and gum disease.

  • Sealants

    Sealants are a thin protective coating on your permanent molars (back teeth) to prevent cavities. (Sealants are only for children.)

  • Fluoride

    Fluoride varnish is a vitamin for your teeth that helps prevent your teeth from getting cavities.

  • Fillings

    Fillings are done to fix cavities and ensure future good health of your teeth. We place three kinds of fillings: composite (white resin), Amalgam (silver), and provisional fillings.

  • X-rays

    X-rays are radiographs of your teeth to help the dentist see the overall health of your teeth and bone level. They are done at least once a year, and with every new patient. We also complete full mouth X-rays every 5 years, and check-up X-rays every year.

  • Extractions

    Removal of teeth. Reasons why teeth may need to be extracted include: caries (cavities/decay) and periodontal disease. Our current services do not include third molar extractions (wisdom teeth). If extractions of third molars are recommended, LCH will refer you to an oral surgeon in the area.

  • Night Guards
    Night Guards

    We make custom night guards for parafunctional disorders—problems like grinding and clenching your teeth in the night while you are sleeping.

Our dental team provides preventive and restorative care for all ages. With a focus on prevention and education, we help you learn how to take care of your teeth, which leads to positive overall health for your whole body. While we currently don’t provide root canals or crowns in our LCH dental office, we work closely with local practices to help connect patients to all of the care that they need.

Insurance or no insurance, LCH will take care of you. Uninsured patients may qualify for discounted fees. Our Sliding Fee Discount Program is based on income and family size. We don’t turn anyone away for inability to pay.

Dental Care for Kids

Healthy smiles begin here.

Dental assistant cleans the teeth of a child

By having regular visits with a dentist, you can help your children learn the best ways to take care of their teeth and prevent any major issues, like cavities.

As part of our growing pediatrics practice in West Grove, LCH connects our youngest patients to our Dental Center for routine visits and other dental services. It is recommended for children to go to their first dental appointment before their first birthday.

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