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Primary care provider makes a startling discovery

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Jessica was a young woman who came to LCH with her parents.  All three of them were extremely unhappy and at a loss to explain the chronic and debilitating pain Jessica had had in her right shoulder for years. 

The family did not have health insurance and had been terrified to seek medical help because of the possible costs, but their daughter’s pain had become so terrible that they finally felt they had no choice.

When they visited LCH, their nurse practitioner examined Jessica, and decided to x-ray her shoulder.  What she found was shocking: part of an old vaccine needle was stuck inside of Jessica’s arm as a result of a poorly administered shot that she received years before. With a small incision, the needle was out, the wound was cleaned, and the pain was gone.  Jessica and her parents were in tears of relief and gratitude.

Too often, many people simply suffer, because they are afraid they cannot afford the care they need.  LCH exists to provide people who cannot otherwise afford health care with the medical attention they need to stay healthy.  Without our support, Jessica’s entire life would have suffered indefinitely, when just a few minutes with a caring provider made all the difference.