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Neighborly Care at LCH

In the heart of our community, the story of Rachael Henry* highlights the importance of having a healthcare provider right around the corner. Finding nearby and accessible healthcare has made a significant impact on Rachael’s life. Having her healthcare provider within reach has positively influenced her well-being and quality of life.

Rachael has been an LCH patient for only a year and yet she raves about her experience with her care team, especially Dr. Greco. “He’s been phenomenal! He is attentive, if I need anything, he’s right on it. He knows me. He is diligent. He even sat down with me and called the insurance company, to get everything worked out. So great! He listens and he’s made a big difference for me” states Rachael.

In her own neighborhood, Rachael has found quality attention and a doctor that she trusts.  It’s not just about being near, but also about having a doctor that sees her as more than just a number. “I used to travel to York, Pennsylvania to get to a family physician because I couldn’t find anybody I really liked in the area. Then I came across him and he’s been amazing!”

After her first visit, Rachael felt relief in finding a new provider. She states, “I came for my first visit, because I injured my knee. He treated my knee and also helped where I was having pain in my leg but had learned to live with it. He found spots in my leg that had been excruciating for years and I just put up with it, because I just thought that was what it supposed to be. He took care of that for me, and now I can move better.”

Rachael feels happy, healthy, and safe with Dr. Greco around. She says that having a doctor who understands her makes going to the doctor’s office less stressful. Rachael wants to share how having a close and kind doctor can make a big difference in feeling great and staying healthy.

Being close to the doctor’s office isn’t just about distance – it’s about having a caring and kind doctor like Dr. Greco. In Rachael’s own words, “The team has been very patient and understanding. They make you feel like you’re not just a number. That’s huge for me!”

This quote really captures the heart of the story. It shows how the LCH team, goes the extra mile to make sure each person feels important and cared for. It makes going to the doctor a bit easier, and it makes staying healthy feel like having a friend by your side. Here’s to good health and great doctors in our own backyard!


*Rachael Henry is a pseudonym. Our patient has requested to remain anonymous.