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Maria receives connected care in domestic violence situation

domestic violence ribbon

Maria came in to seek help at the Domestic Violence of Chester County’s (DVCCC) satellite office, located in LCH’s Kennett Square location, to address immigration needs. During her consultation with DVCCC’s legal advocate, Maria shared that she was in a new relationship and had been isolated and abused, both sexually and physically. She had visible bruising, both newly sustained and healing, and she was fearful that she was pregnant.

Her new abuser had been engaging in reproductive coercion and restricting access to birth control. DVCCC’s staff immediately advocated with staff at LCH, and Maria was able to be seen by a medical professional right away. The provider confirmed Maria’s pregnancy and assessed her bruising. Understanding the effects domestic violence has on health through working with DVCCC staff, the provider scheduled a few upcoming medical appointments to make sure that Maria’s health was being monitored. During each of Maria’s appointments to check on her health and pregnancy, she was able to be supported by DVCCC staff on-site at LCH.  This was beneficial because Maria’s abuser believed she was only accessing medical services through LCH. Maria’s abuser was eventually arrested and deported. Maria has continued to work with both DVCCC and LCH: DVCCC to address her emotional needs moving forward from this relationship; and LCH to closely monitor her health through integrated primary care and the health of her new baby through pediatric services.

Please note that Maria is a pseudonym in this story. Patient chose to remain anonymous.