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Maintaining a Healthy Weight and Great Attitude

Sometimes doors open without us realizing we needed them to be opened. But opportunities to better your health can come just when you needed them the most. For Esther, that’s how she found LCH.

Esther found LCH after speaking to Joan Holliday, PHN from Bridging the Community, which is a forum created for community members and community service organizations to gather and share information.

“I had visited a nurse named Joan Holliday from the bridging community … and they told me to come down to LCH”, said Esther.

Esther has been a patient with LCH for the past 5 years and we’ve been able to help her throughout various stages of her life. From uninsured to insured, LCH was able to help Esther on her journey to better health.

LCH has become a place of comfort for Esther and a place where she can blossom into the best version of herself. She said, “It’s really cool! I like coming here cause it’s just like a family to me.”

Esther has been working closely with our family nurse practitioner, Kate Hoffer and loves the work Kate has been doing. Esther said, “She helps me and I’m proud that she’s doing this with me… She’s a really cool and wonderful lady to work with.”

Esther has been focusing on improving her health by reducing her weight. She is thankful for the support Kate has provided in this chapter of her health journey. “Oh my gosh! I was up to 303 pounds and now I think I’m down to 267… I thank her (Kate Hoffer). I knew that if I didn’t lose this weight it was going to be really bad for me, health wise… everybody is coming to me saying ‘how did you lose that weight?’ I said, ‘well I go to LCH, I have a special provider, and she helped me to lose my weight.’”

The mutual respect and understanding shared with our patients are why we love what we do.  We care for them and help them to care for themselves. We are forever grateful for patients like Esther and look forward to supporting her on her health journey.

“LCH is a good place, the doctors the nurses they talk you through it. Anything that you need they’ll talk you through it… like I said Kate is the best person to be around, she’ll talk you through anything”.

If you or someone you know needs a primary care provider, call us at 610-444-7550.