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Linda finds hope and strength

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Linda is a fighter, and her kids know it. Not only did she undergo a complete hysterectomy in 2013 to fight stage four ovarian cancer, but every day she battles asthma, neuropathy, and COPD.

Using oxygen 90% of the time, Linda moves slowly but steadily in cleaning her apartment and taking care of her two kids: Will, seventeen years old, who attends tech school, and Leroy, twenty nine, who has special needs and is unable to drive or take care of himself.  “It can be difficult,” she said.  Because of her health condition she is unable to work, but she is living a full life, thanks to the care she received at LCH.  “At one point I was on death’s door.  I was in excruciating pain.  But LCH helped me get the tests done that I needed to find the cancer, and the medication I needed to feel better.  I tell everyone to get checked out, and ask your doctor questions because you never know, especially if something does not feel right.”  With the complexity of Linda’s health situation, she was connected to the LCH Social Assistance Team for support.  “It took a lot of time, and there was a lot of paperwork in addition to my medical paperwork, such as applying for food stamps.  They helped me out and I truly appreciate all that they did.  They are here for me and my family.”  Leroy and Will both work part-time to help out.  As a family, they go to the Jennersville YMCA once a week to go swimming.  “Even though I can’t go swimming with them, it is fun to watch my kids.  It is a nice break.”

Linda smiles in the waiting room of LCH West Grove