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LCH Group Therapy: A Judgement Free Zone

As women, finding spaces where we can share our stories and experiences without judgement is life changing. Thanks to LCH that place exists. Our group therapy sessions for women allow the participants an opportunity to express themselves in a judgement-free zone. No gaslighting, no drama, no stress, simply a place where you can share your feelings about anything that’s going on.

Anna Roosevelt, Behavioral Health Consultant at LCH, leads the groups with the intention of facilitating the conversation. Most of the time, no facilitation is needed. “Really the group runs itself. I’ll bring up a theme and people will keep going. The good thing is I feel like the group is pretty self-sustaining…the women of the group own it”, said Anna.

Reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. “I think it’s helpful to breakdown some of the stigmas around mental health and such a big part of mental health care includes community and other people. While individual therapy is super helpful, I think group [therapy]– takes people out their own silo and people can share what they’ve learned with other people. I feel like the group is helpful because the women get to be on the other side, so they’re not always the patient and the person who’s feeling broken. They also get to be the person who’s helping somebody else and that can be empowering.”

“Beth (Elizabeth Warren, LCH Associate Director of Mental Health) spearheaded getting the different kinds of group therapy sessions going. She got our women’s group up and running and this is the only one done virtually and entirely in Spanish. For this group, it’s been very helpful that it’s virtual because it’s a lot of women who have young kids who need to be at home, otherwise [they] wouldn’t be able to come in”, stated Anna.

Life is full of wonderful and beautiful moments, but during the patches that can seem scary, LCH is here to help. LCH currently offers group therapy for women in Spanish, teens in English, and adults in English. If you or someone you know would benefit from this service at LCH, call us to join! You are not alone, and we are here for you. Call 610-444-7550 for more information.