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A story of kindness and dignity

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Kate spent many years of her life living in the shadows. Originally from Eastern Europe, she struggled to get past the daily language, cultural, and socioeconomic barriers that prevented her from living a happy and healthy life.

After several years of experiencing homelessness, a group of local Oxford churches learned of Kate’s situation and was able to make contact.  The group of churches helped her find stable housing and employment.

It had been years since she had been seen by a provider, so they took her to LCH.  During the first visit, Kate learned that she had high blood pressure and diabetes.  She had never had a mammogram.  Kate was warmly taken in by LCH, and received regular check-ups, easy access to the prescriptions needed to help manage her conditions, and was set up on a dietary program.  She was treated with kindness and dignity.

One of the church volunteers reflected on the impact of LCH’s care.  “Kate’s life started to turn around, and a lot of it was due to the health care she received.  At LCH, she had the feeling of being important enough to be cared for—something she had not felt for many years.”

Kate came to LCH before the Oxford site opened, and before LCH begin providing behavioral health services.  “Kate has since passed away, but she would have benefitted so much from having LCH in her Oxford neighborhood.  LCH is filling a very deep hole in Oxford. Quality health care is so important for every human being, yet so many do not have access to it.”