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Cathy is full of energy for LCH and the Oxford community

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Cathy came running to LCH’s tent at a recent First Friday celebration in Oxford, PA, bursting with joy. She was glowing as she said, “Oh thank goodness for LCH, you all have been so great to me!” Cathy has been working and living in Southern Chester County for over sixteen years, but for many of them, she did not have a primary care physician.

She would go to the emergency room when she got sick enough, but she knew that she needed to find a medical provider that she could follow up with. However, everything changed in 2016 when she saw that a community health center was moving into town.

She immediately became a patient at LCH, citing its family-like atmosphere, affordability, and quality of care as its strengths. Whenever she goes to LCH’s Oxford location, Cathy feels more welcome than she ever has at a medical office. She says, “I’m delighted. It’s nice when people remember your name.”Cathy, an LCH patient, stands with a smile in downtown Oxford.

One day Cathy walked into LCH to drop off some paperwork and she saw her healthcare provider. “Come back here,” she said. “You need some oxygen.” Cathy went into an exam room and was able to get the help she needed. Over the next few visits, her doctor’s orders became more serious. Cathy remembers her doctor giving instructions that went from “you’ve got to get some oxygen” to “you’ve got to get some tests done,” and later to “you’ve got to get a mammogram.”

LCH facilitated a referral to Jennersville Hospital, where Cathy was diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully underwent surgery. Now, she is awaiting test results and one last follow-up appointment to see whether she is cancer-free. In the meantime, Cathy loves to participate in community events in the Oxford area. She’s feeling great and is optimistic that she can return to work soon!