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A new wheelchair for Epitasio’s wife

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Epitasio is an extremely dedicated man who seems to never rest. He will tell you that he enjoys doing “nothing else but working and spending time with family,” and this is no exaggeration. When he is not working, and even when he is, Epitasio is busy taking care of his wife, who has an autoimmune disease that has kept her wheelchair-dependent for the last four years.

Everyday functions like eating, speaking, and standing up are a challenge for her, but somehow, the loving couple find a way to stay positive through every obstacle. Epitasio leaves work every day at his break to eat lunch with his wife.

Epitasio stands with his wife and LCH staff members.

Epitasio and his wife in her brand new wheelchair, along with members of the Longwood Rotary and his caseworker.

Epitasio and his wife have been coming to LCH for more than three years for their primary care needs.  He has several health needs of his own to take care of as well as those of his wife. He appreciates LCH because he and his wife have access to primary care that they would struggle to find elsewhere due to financial constraints.

At a recent appointment at LCH, Dr. Ceppa noticed that the wheelchair that Epitasio’s wife was using was in poor condition. The arm rests were broken, the back support was recently replaced, and the leg supports did not lock in place. When he asked Epitasio about it, he said that he had been replacing broken parts with materials from used wheelchairs.  By working together with the Health Center, the Social Assistance team, and community support sponsored by Longwood Rotary, the family received a brand-new wheel chair.

Photo of the new wheelchair Epitasio is grateful for all that LCH has done for his family.  He said, “ever since the first day we came here, LCH has opened their arms to us… What they do for us, they do with love.”