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January 10

New Health and Happiness Workshops at LCH

Health and Happiness workshops to begin at LCH Health and Community Services (LCH) in January.

KENNETT SQUARE, PA (January 10, 2023) – Starting January 17, 2023, LCH will offer new Health and Happiness workshops to the community. These workshops will provide helpful information on various topics as well as tips to make life easier and more enjoyable. Each session will be presented in English and in Spanish every third Tuesday of the month in the LCH Kennett Square office. Each month LCH will offer a new topic on health and happiness.

Topics include Traveling with Medicine, Checking Pulse and Blood Pressure, Reading Nutrition Labels, Health, and Humor, and much more. “LCH is helping our community navigate tricky topics that can be overlooked but are very important and apply to many of us. I am looking forward to learning more about Health and Humor – maybe laughing more will make me healthier?  I guess I need to sign up to find out!” commented LCH Director of Development, Kate Wickersham.

“These workshops offer both practical information for anyone in our community to learn about navigating the health care system in the United States as well as useful life skills tips…” said LCH Patient Advocate, Nefta Erroa. “Everybody is welcome, and we are excited. We’re going to be getting some feedback at the end of each lesson – so if you have any topics that [you] might be interested in, please share with us”.

Erroa will be coordinating efforts with the LCH team to schedule both patients and non-patient community members for each session. Those who are interested are welcome to attend all sessions or as many as they please. Space is limited so LCH urges everyone to register for the classes they are interested in as soon as possible. To register, call 610-444-7550 Ext. 2017.