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September 5

Ways to give back to your community.

Give and Gain

Giving back to your community affects many lives. Not only those who receive help from the gift, but you, as the donor as well. Finding the value in giving can boost your morale and seeing the change you make in your community is a reward for your generosity.

Pia McCann has been giving back to her community because she cares. She cares about the people in her community and understands the needs many have to stay strong. Pia has been donating to LCH through a Donor Advised Fund because of the bountiful benefits they provide. “Donor Advised Funds are a tax advantaged way to be able to give more than every dollar that you have to give.” says Pia.

Donor advised funds, or DAFs, are investments donors can make with the purpose of supporting an organization you believe in. These investments make the donor eligible for a tax deduction and the funds grow as a tax-free investment. “So that’s what I like about it — it’s like ‘set it and forget it’” said Pia.

Pia and her family hold the strong values of caring and compassion for others. She donates to LCH because she believes in its importance in the community and for those who are a part of it. “I donate to LCH because I think the mission is important. Healthcare should be a fundamental part of human existence, and it’s not treated as a fundamental thing in the United States. I think that it shouldn’t be a privilege. It’s really great that LCH provides culturally sensitive, approachable, and affordable health care to people who wouldn’t otherwise have it…,” said Pia.

Donor advised funds are a facilitated way to always share your support. Pia states, “Because it’s easy and because you can grow your money. I cannot say enough good things about donor advised funds. I think they’re awesome. I also think if you have excess money, or you need a tax write off — what a great way to do an easy tax write off. You can donate whenever you want, when needed.”

Pia leaves you with these thoughts. “DAFs are great. I encourage people because it’s important, and it’s a fundamental value in our family, to donate and to make sure that we are people in our community that are able to share stability and prosperity. I think it’s really important to show my kids… so they can recognize and see the privilege, but also appreciate it, share it.”

LCH Health and Community services has a generous donor who has challenged us to a $250,000 match. You can help raise $500,000 in honor of LCH’s 50th Birthday by making a gift today. Help us to provide access to primary care, behavioral health, women’s health, pediatrics and dental care to our amazing Chester County community. Together, we can raise the funds we need to support access to healthcare right in your community!  Click the Donate button below or, like Pia, choose LCH as a recommended charity for your Donor Advised Fund.