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Contraception Services

LCH is a trusted provider of contraception services for women in West Grove, PA and southern Chester County.

Contraception Services in West Grove, PA

The women’s health services team is a knowledgeable and compassionate resource for the family planning needs of our patients.

contraception servicesWe offer contraception counseling and services so that women can make well-informed decisions about birth control.

Our providers prescribe birth control pills, performs IUD insertion, and provides education regarding various forms of birth control. The women’s health center is a safe and welcoming office where patients are encouraged to ask questions and speak openly about their concerns and needs. Once they fully understand their options, women are empowered to make family planning choices based on their individual circumstances.

Our comprehensive women’s health services are offered conveniently in West Grove to care for both routine and specialty needs. Contraception services are a standard aspect of our practice, and they are available at a reduced rate to remain affordable for our patients.

Birth Control Options

Family planning will look different for each individual.

During contraception counseling, our team will review the patient’s health history and ask about their short term and long-term goals for birth control and family planning. We will then explain the options available with recommendations based on the patient’s needs.

We will review many birth control options, including:

  • Birth control implant – a small rod is inserted below the skin on the underside of the upper arm and delivers progestin to prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years.
  • Birth control pills – the patient will take a monthly cycle of daily pills containing estrogen and progestin to prevent pregnancy. The last seven pills in the cycle do not contain hormones so that the patient will get her period but still maintain the routine of taking daily pills.
  • Birth control patch – this bandage-looking square is placed on the stomach, back, buttock, or the outside of the upper arm and delivers estrogen and progestin to prevent pregnancy. The patch is like birth control pills, but each one lasts for a full week before needing to be changed.
  • Birth control shot – this injection of progestin is delivered once every 3 months to prevent ovulation and pregnancy.
  • IUD insertion – an intrauterine device (IUD) is a T-shaped device that is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years. Some IUDs release hormones, while others use a copper element to prevent pregnancy.

Every birth control option comes with its own benefits and risks, and the best fit will depend on each woman’s personal goals for contraception. Our team is focused on helping patients make an informed decision about their birth control options.

Our team believes that women who take time to think through their goals for birth control and learn about how it works are usually the most successful in their family planning. The following frequently asked questions are a great start to learn about birth control options before your Telehealth visit or appointment in our West Grove center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is happy to support you by answering your questions and listening to your concerns regarding birth control. To schedule a Telehealth visit or in-person appointment at our West Grove Women’s Health Center, please call us at 610-444-7550, ext. 238.

Can my primary doctor prescribe birth control?

Yes, your regular doctor can prescribe birth control, and a doctor who specializes in women’s health can also prescribe birth control.

Can LCH insert and remove IUDs?

Yes, our office can manage all of your needs for an IUD, including IUD insertion, removal, and monitoring.

How effective is birth control?

The effectiveness of every birth control method is based on it being used according to the instructions. How well it works for you will depend on what methods you are using and your personal habits. Most birth control methods are from 90-99% effective when used correctly.

How does birth control work?

Most prescription birth control methods work by sending hormones that prevent pregnancy. These hormones can stop you from ovulating or make sure that sperm cannot get to an egg and implant in your uterus. For more information on exactly how this happens, please schedule an appointment for birth control counseling with our office.

How long does birth control take to work?

The start of birth control effectiveness varies by type. Most hormonal birth control methods need some time for the hormones to start working. Your doctor will tell you if you should use an extra method of birth control (such as a condom) for a few days or up to one month after you start hormonal birth control.

How do you get birth control at LCH?

Our office will schedule you for an appointment to get started on your birth control prescription. Call us at 610-444-7550, ext. 238 to schedule your appointment.

How do I prepare for an IUD insertion?

Women often experience pain and cramps with an IUD insertion, so we recommend taking ibuprofen, Advil, or Motrin about an hour before your appointment. An IUD cannot be inserted during pregnancy, so women should not have unprotected sex for about two weeks before the IUD insertion appointment.

What should I expect after an IUD insertion?

After your IUD is in place, you may continue to feel some mild cramping or notice spotting for up to 48 hours. Based on how you are feeling, you can go back to your normal activities after your appointment. Your doctor will tell you when the IUD starts working depending on which type it is. It is usually effective after a few days, but could take up to 1 month.