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May 29

Behavioral Health Services

We have behavioral health professionals that can provide different levels of mental health services, depending on your needs and preferences.

LCH has three levels: (1) Integrated Behavioral Health (2) Outpatient Therapy and (3) Psychiatric Medication Management. Watch this video to learn more.

Video Transcript

Behavioral Health Services: Integrated versus Outpatient

You are not alone. Many people experience acute or chronic stress, depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses. At LCH, we are here to support you with both your physical and behavioral health care.

What is behavioral health? Behavioral health is the ability to manage the daily challenges and stress of life, as well as the exploration of mental illness such as depression and anxiety and how these diseases affect overall behavior. LCH offers both integrated behavioral health and outpatient therapy services. We have behavioral health professionals that can provide different levels of care, depending on your needs and preferences. LCH has three levels: (1.) Integrated Behavioral Health (2.) Outpatient therapy and (3.) Psychiatric Medication Management

What is integrated behavioral health? Behavioral health professionals work alongside your primary care providers as part of your medical team. We are available for brief in the moment consultations and follow-up visits.  If your Primary Care Provider has a specific concern, he or she will ask you to stay for a few extra minutes to meet with a Behavioral Health Consultant to better understand how stressors or behavioral health concerns might be affecting your physical health.

What does an integrated behavioral health visit look like? It’s brief. It’s during a medical visit or it can be scheduled separately. Follow-up is only as needed. There is collaboration with primary care provider. There are screenings for and strategies to manage acute stressors, depression, anxiety, sleep difficulty, health management, etc.

What is outpatient therapy? Licensed therapists provide treatment for a broad range of behavioral health conditions. Therapy can be short or long term depending on your needs.

What does an outpatient therapy visit look like? These are longer appointments that are scheduled as a separate visit. They involve regular follow-up appointments and provide collaboration with a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Outpatient therapy visits will provide evaluation and treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, PTSD, etc.

What is psychiatric medication management? A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner provides treatment and prescriptions for medication as needed for behavioral health problems such as: depression, anxiety, PTSD, learning disabilities, bipolar disorder, etc. LCH provides psychiatric medication management for children, adolescents, and adults. Because this is a specialty level of care, if you receive these services you will also be required to have regular outpatient therapy appointments so that we can help you achieve your best results.

What does a psychiatric medication management visit look like? These include the evaluation of behavioral health conditions, medication management, and collaboration with outpatient therapists.

What if i don’t know what to ask for? Let any of our staff know you have a question about our behavioral health services, and we will connect you to someone who can determine the best place for you to get started.

How much does the visit cost? Just like medical appointments at LCH, the cost varies depending on whether you have health insurance or provide information about your income and household size. Our member relationship specialists can tell you what your specific cost will be for each type of visit. LCH never turns someone away based on their inability to pay.

Do I need to be an existing primary care patient? No. Anyone is welcome to register and schedule an appointment.

How soon can I be seen? Just give us a call or ask while you are at LCH for any of our other services. We will have someone available to see you in person or via Telehealth the same or next day. Call 610-444-7550 to make an appointment today!