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Rosa reflects on the growth of LCH over the years

My name is Rosa and I have been an LCH patient since I came to the United States in 1999. When I arrived in this country, I was eight months pregnant with my first child.

Arriving in an unknown place without knowing the language, just few weeks before giving birth to my child was stressful, but thankfully LCH was there. When I got to the office and saw that they spoke my language it was a relief, because I could communicate with the doctor without the fear of misunderstanding each other.

Photo of patient posting with family for a photo

Rosa with her family.

At LCH I got the medical care I needed before and after my pregnancy. Now I have four children and all of my pregnancies have been attended at LCH. Of course, I go to LCH not only for my pregnancies but also for my general wellness checkups. I have health insurance and I have visited other clinics, but there is no comparaison with the kindness and attention LCH provides to us. I live in Oxford, and I am glad that LCH has a site in the Oxford area because it is more accessible for me and my family.

It is amazing to see the changes LCH has had over the years. I am a witness of how it has improved from a very small place to now with different sites with specific specializations. I am very pleased because I know that all the changes are for the benefit of us the patients to make us feel more comfortable.

Dental was a really great addition to LCH’s services and a necessary one. I know that there are other dental clinics, but the prices are really high. Let me tell you that thanks to LCH Dental, my mom for the first time in her life visited a dentist. Because she did not have good dental care all her life, her teeth are not in good condition, but now she is being treated to improve her oral health.

Photo of two female LCH patients

Rosa and her mom.

Lately I have seen that LCH has opened a pediatric office in West Grove. This is great because kids have their own designated space. I will be changing my children to the LCH pediatric care center; therefore all of my family will be taken care on the same place except for my oldest son who is already an LCH patient because he is an adult now. He had to move to California to join the Navy, but for sure when he returns home, he will continue his medical care at LCH. All my family and relatives receive their health care at LCH and every time someone asks of a good place to go for medical care, I always refer them to LCH. Best place in our area.