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Caring as a Team

In our lives, health is a thread that weaves through every experience. For many, the journey to good health may have challenges, uncertainties, and moments of vulnerability. At LCH, we take pride in working as a team to help our patients along their journey, and we do it as a team.

Marco*, a new patient at LCH has seen his life transformed because of the shared compassion of the LCH team. With his care team of provider, Michelle and medical assistant, Ale, he’s had his life impacted for the better.

Marco noticed the mole on his face started to change and began to worry. Having recently moved back to the area from Puerto Rico he learned about LCH and their services through his daughter.

When speaking about his experience with his care team he said, “It was all good — I came in she treated me well! I had this right here [points to scar on his face] I had a ball there and she recommended me to get laser surgery. They set me up with an appointment and everything.”

What Marco didn’t know was that his mole was more serious than he thought. “It was skin cancer…some kind of skin cancer. They told me not to worry.”

We are always grateful to witness the profound influence that LCH has in making a difference in someone’s life. Marco’s journey highlights the transformative power of a compassionate healthcare team.

Marco felt cared for by his provider, Michelle. “They helped me out really quick.” When referring to his mole he states, “at the beginning it was fine but then it started to get too big, and I wasn’t going to wait.”

Our social assistance team was there for Marco too and helped him set up his appointments with specialists and for his surgery. He is thankful for LCH and the care that he received.

“You’re all good and you’re good people [at LCH]. There are people out there that only want to give services to certain people. No, give it to the people that really need it like you do at LCH.”

*Marco is a pseudonym. Our patient has requested to remain anonymous.