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January 26

Our New Name

The New Name of La Comunidad Hispana: LCH Health and Community Services

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Barbara Mancill.

Hi. I am Margarita Garay Zarco.

And we are the Interim Co-CEOs at LCH.

To all of our friends: We began by providing healthcare to the Latino community in Chester County almost 50 years ago, and have since expanded to provide healthcare and community services to all living in Chester County. As our services and community have expanded, we have made the decision to also expand our name. We are so excited to share the new name of La Comunidad Hispana: LCH Health and Community Services.  LCH helps us maintain our roots and adding Health and Community Services describes what we do. This will make it much easier for our community to find us online, and better connect with us.  We hope you join us in our excitement and trust that our core values remain unchanged.